trick candle productions - films

Here are all the films that were produced by Trick Candle Productions, produced by Tom Malloy, or have Tom's involvement in some way:

Tom Malloy Films


  • Hero of the Underworld - Directed by John Vincent, COMING SOON! (DRAMA)
  • Midtown - Directed by Jason Torres, starring Scott Baker and Tom Malloy. (COMEDY TV PILOT)
  • Ashley - Directed by Dean Ronalds, starring Nicole Fox, Jennifer Taylor, Michael Madsen, and Tom Malloy. (DRAMA)
  • Love N' Dancing - Directed by Robert Iscove, starring Amy Smart, Tom Malloy, Billy Zane, Caroline Rhea, Rachel Dratch, and Betty White. (ROMANTIC COMEDY)
  • The Alphabet Killer - Directed by Rob Schmidt, starring Eliza Dushku, Tim Hutton, Tom Malloy, Cary Elwes and Michael Ironside. (THRILLER/HORROR)
  • The Inner Weigh - Directed by Lisa Demaine, starring Dr. Dave Smiley, Bob Proctor, Gay Hendricks, Mary Marin Morrissey (SELF-HELP DOCUMENTARY)
  • The Attic - Directed by Mary Lambert, starring Elisabeth Moss, Tom Malloy, John Savage (THRILLER/HORROR)
  • Sure Thing - Directed by Kurt Skinner, Starring Tom Malloy and Jill-Michele Melean (COMEDY SHORT FILM)


  • The Fuzz - Directed by Art Wolff, starring Tom Malloy, Gregory Harrison, Peter Jason, Gabe Jarret, Leila Arcieri, Kali Hawk (TV PILOT)
  • High Roller - Directed by Tom Malloy and Ross Marroso, starring Bob Purzycki (DOCUMENTARY)
  • Gravesend - Directed by Sal Stabile, starring Tom Malloy and Tony Tucci (THRILLER)
  • The Agony of Ecstasy - Directed by Tom Malloy and Ross Marroso (EDUCATIONAL VIDEO)